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Child psychiatrist Julia Cabot dealt with the effects of trauma on children every day, never suspecting her own life would be shattered by violence. Now she's on the run and fighting the power of her wealthy in-laws to keep her children safe.

Former bodyguard Mitch Garrison is tormented by memories of the fatal night his wife was killed trying to rescue an abused woman. Mitch can't turn his back on a stray mutt or Julia's four-year-old twins, who find feathers on the floor and think he is the angel they wished for.

Christmas Unlikely Angel Scene

Four-year-old twins Abraham and Angelina believe in angels. When violence erupts in their home, they wish for an angel for their mother--and Mitch comes into their life. However, when they are kidnapped, their belief is shaken.

Gabe has been scrounging for food on the streets, but this dog's life changes dramatically when he stumbles in front of Mitch's car, falls in love with Julia's children, and proves himself a furry hero.

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